Want a realtionship? My Résumé.

Some Basic Principles for Starters

It’s all in the kiss!

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The first lie makes everything else a lie.
My Italian heritage makes me love fiercely and jealously.
We don’t juggle multiple relationships!
I’m your Daddy, you’re my Mister! And Don’t you forget it!
We are Honest, True, Loyal, Generous, Intelligent, Demanding, Passionate, Healthy, Fit, Energetic, Vulnerable, Adventurous, Trusting, Private.

About Me and My Posts

With very few exceptions, the photos I send you are me, not lifted from some site, airbrushed, cropped or otherwise altered. They are as intact as I am: VERY. They are recent (less than 1 year old). If I send a picture that is not me, I will say so, and also say why I’m sending it. I don’t believe in sending my most glamorous shot, so forget about the Greek god pose. I will send you me at my most ordinary, natural, and perhaps not my most flattering. Why? Because if you can accept that, you will adore me when I clean up. (Note: The photos in this article are not me.)

I don’t play the numbers game. I am who I am, what I am, and I’m much more than a number. If you are stuck on numbers, don’t ask me my age. I’ll stop the conversation right there. I’m a mature, gay, white male and I have a lot to offer. Much more than the crap posted on Facebook and most of the dating sites.

The numbers game also includes the number of men you are chatting or following, your income, any baggage or problems. I’m one-on-one. I’m not rich in the sense of material wealth; been there done that, and I didn’t find it all that great. I am rich in other, more rewarding ways. I have comparatively few problems, all of them manageable by me. I don’t carry my own baggage around my neck; please hand me yours.

I am posting because I want a real relationship, one that may even get to marriage. What is a real relationship? Read on and you’ll find out.

I am healthy and I want to stay that way. Anyone I get involved with will have to be clean, hygienic, healthy, fit, and we both will get tested. If you have a problem with that, hang up now.

 Qualities I admire in a man include: a masculine demeanor (no twinks, fems, royals, neuros, etc.) who is healthy, fit, sensible; he must show honesty, gentleness, vulnerability,  intelligence, dignity, independence, and a sense of adventure. He must be willing to share his thoughts, conerns, problems, pleasures, and joys. I am all of the above as well as well educated and articulate, social. We can be very different or even very similar in different ways; both can work well in my relationships. I want to grow with you, not change you.

We will want to grow together.

I can handle a distance relationship as long as we can be together as often as possible without disrupting our lives or breaking the bank. If we’re within a 100 mile radius of each other (that means from me), the relationship is doable. Check out the radius map (below) for reference.


Body Stats:

  • Male and I like it that way. White. Healthy and very Fit. Versatile & Adventurous.
  • I am: Wolf/Gym Rat/Daddy type
  • Prefer: Mister, Hunter, Muscle Daddy, Gym Rat, Wolf, Otter, Thunk
  • Birthday: October 27, Scorpio (Know my characteristics!)
  • Height: 5’10” (173 cm)
  • Weight: 180
  • Waist: 30
  • Chest: 42
  • Hair: Full, light brown, “sunkissed”
  • Eyes: Green
  • Body hair: Legs, arms; otherwise smooth. Manscaped pubes.
  • Other: I’m cut. I would like to experience young uncut (25-35).

My Spirit Guides

My spirit guides, and shamanism teaches that we all have animal spirit guides, up to nine different ones, that influence who we are and how we live the various aspects of our lives. My spirit guides are the tiger and the butterfly. I have posted an article on my spirit guides and you can read it on this blog at
The Tiger and the Butterfly Spirit Guides. Why my tattoos?

My Spirit Animal Guides: The Tiger and the Butterfly.

What I like to do

Apart from the obvious, I like my work (but I’m not in love with it). I enjoy the outdoors, hiking, kayaking, skiing, taking drives to new places. I enjoy cooking and I’m said to be quite a good cook. I enjoy good alcohol, especially wines, whiskey, some cocktails, but not too often or too much (I hate drunks). I enjoy reading, writing, conversation. I work out regularly and hard (so I must enjoy it, I think). Travel and adventure are high on my list (I have lived in several places in Europe and have traveled extensively). I enjoy learning and working with foreign language (non-English; I speak German, Spanish, French, Italian). Generally, I enjoy life and living. But none of the above is totally enjoyable unless I can share it with a special man.

Our Body Types

Sex and Love

We are all looking for love. Love is sacrificing yourself for the growth of another person. My idea of love is just that, sacrifice. Sacrifice involves forgetting yourself and remembering your lover and the relationship. If both lovers do that, both are protected from all harm. For me love involves the best of trust, honesty, respect, devotion, support, surrender, vulnerability, generosity, sharing. There’s more but why drag it out. If you agree so far, we’re on the right track.

As mature, healthy males, we also need and want an erotic life. I need to have an active sex life and a partner who is uninhibited and not only in love with me but who loves me and likes me.

Totally. My sex life involves our entire body from head to toe. It involves all of the senses from sight, to smell, to hearing, to taste, and especially touch. Touch is incredibly important in my lovemaking, and involves everything from gentle exploring, to running my fingers over your body, through your hair, to erotic massage. We both must share that total sensory experience, especially touching.

Kissing. I love to kiss, and kissing is very important overall in my relationship. Lips, tongue, neck, chest, cock, balls, butt, thighs, everywhere. If you’re with me you’d better like kissing and be a good kisser.

Surrendering. I’ll keep it very short: When we make love, we are having sex. When we are having sex, we are surrendering totally to the lover, handing him our vulnerability and our trust. That means having a sense of excitement, adventure, innovation. You have to be willing to explore him everywhere, to enjoy looking at him everywhere, to admire his perfect imperfections, to trace the curves of his muscles, to enjoy his scent and fragrance, to be willing to taste him and to savor him from his head to his toes. You want to hear him whisper into your ear, you will want him to read mystic Persian poetry to you as he holds you. You want to touch him and you yearn for him to touch you. You want him to explore you and feel him everywhere. Total touch experience.

Being. Making love and having sex is also sensuous presence, holding, cuddling, stroking, teasing.

Cumming. Cumming is not the destination, pleasure together is the destination. Lovemaking and sex are like a train trip though a beautiful landscape, you want to experience it all. Sex just to cum is like taking a scenic trip with the shades drawn; you experience nothing. If you slow down, practice a couple of techniques, you’ll get there and experience something you never thought possible; we both will.

Not so fast, slow down!
You’ll get there soon enough; we both will.

Sharing. Be ready to take your time, to use all of your senses, to surrender yourself completely, to be open to adventure and to trust each other. Share.

Demonstrative. We love each other and we show it. We are demonstrative. In public, we are not offensive or obscene but we are a couple, and we are not ashamed of that fact. We can hold hands when we walk, hug or kiss discretely, show affection, touch each other. But we do it respectful of each other and aware of our surroundings. We love but we do not offend.

Now you know.

I’m your Daddy, You’re my Mister.
And don’t you forget it!
‘Cause all of me wants to love all of you.

Where We Live

I can handle a distance relationship as long as we can be together as often as possible without disrupting our lives or breaking the bank. If we’re within a 100 mile radius of each other (that means from me), the relationship is doable. Check out the radius map for reference.

Now What?

If you got this far and can accept me, the man, as I’ve presented myself, we should get in touch with each other and learn as much about each other as possible. What I have shared above is just a teaser; it’s just the name of the restaurant, now you have to go in and experience the ambiance, then you have to look at the menu, you may then order. How many courses would you like? The complete service? And then there’s the ultimate experience, the actual chef’s creations, followed by dessert. This is the Ritz, not Wendy’s. Enjoy the meal!

You can get in touch with me by email to gay.karuna.guy@gmail.com, we can chat on Google Hangouts. At some time, once we get to know each other, you can have a telephone number and we’ll be able to chat or text.

Note: The images in this article are not of me. I shall be pleased to send interested subscribers my own recent images on request. You can also find my profile on DaddyHunt under WilliamV