First Thoughts

Hi and welcome!

Thanks very much for accepting my invitation to become acquainted, to learn about one another, to share ourselves, and to be generally honest and authentic about who we are and what we are looking for.

Right from the start it’s very important to know and to accept that this is a place for communication and sharing and not a place for arrogance, defensiveness or bullshit of any kind. I would like this to be a safe place to be real and authentic, to accept our vulnerabilities and our strengths, to share our male spirituality and our gay intimacies. Very basically, I’d like to think that this can be a place we we can trust and drop our defenses, a sacred safe space to be vulnerable.

Once we realize that our false self, our insecurity, our vulnerability are the causes of most of our anxiety and insecurity, our loneliness and longing, we can drop our lies and our fictions and start enjoying trust and truth.

Our cultures have created either sheeple or extreme followers and conformists and reactionaries; I’d like to think that we as men who cherish and respect our maleness and have the courage to love and enjoy another male are truly unique. That having been said, many of our gay brothers are far from being trusting or honest or courageous and continue an unhappy pilgrimage through loneliness, fruitless searching, insecurity, lack of purpose and identity, and ultimately despair.

Our fictions, our lies, can be found in our many vulnerabilities including personal transgressions, avoidance and denial, fear of the unknown, a need for social acceptance or just to be polite, economic or personal advantage, am effort to be funny or nice to be with, rarely because of pathology or malice, and frequently just to be kind to another person. What all of these fictions or lies lack is a real connection with the true self and acceptance of the essence of the other.

I am a spiritual care provider but that is just one of the many stops in this trek through the terra incognita we call life. I have been blessed with many gifts that have allowed me to attain a level of spirituality that allows simplicity, gratitude and humility to guide my life. A voracious interest in all things and a love of all things motivates me to reach out relentlessly.

A voracious appetite for life, a reverence for creation, a deep spirituality, a guiding sense of truth and authenticity, and a sense of security in what I am and can be are the jewels in my crown, a crown I willingly share with my companions.

While all that may sound esoteric, even mystical to the point of being off putting, it’s not, really. Those of you who have the necessary gifts will identify with those words and not be intimidated or confused by them. You who have those gifts will identify with what I have said. Those of you who have those gifts will be comfortable here.

Those of you who are uncertain but attracted by those words should stick around for a while. There’s much to share, to learn, and to enjoy here but it all depends on what you bring and what you leave behind.

Part of my approach to life, people, sexuality lies in a spirituality that accepts and works with vulnerability. To accept our own vulnerability we have to overcome our lies and our fictions both with regard to ourselves and others. We have to trust and allow ourselves to be trusted. We have to admit what we want and what we are prepared to give.

Once I started my Facebook presence, I began to receive a multitude of male erotic pictures and videos, some very explicit, some very profound. But what attracted me most to these images was the apparent freedom and comfort that these men were embracing in their intimacy. They are comfortable exposing themselves, performing their roles convincingly and naturally. In contrast, I have received a large number of narcissistic cries out for acceptance, for acknowledgment. In some instances I wondered what the writer was actually looking for or what his purpose was. Was it bull shit in beautiful packaging? Was it a lost soul desperately seeking acceptance and despairingly misrepresenting himself? Regrettably, many times that’s all it is. The question we need to ask is what we are and what we’re looking for, and accept that we can be honest about ourselves.

I am a professional, well educated, fairly intelligent, attractive, fit, and healthy. I can do many things well and am constantly looking for new things to master. I’m on a path of ongoing self-improvement, too. From what I can glean from my social life, people like being around me not because I am a slave to their egos but because I have no fear of honesty and can live with their acceptance or rejection, with their pearls and their pimples, I can be present for and with them without dominating them. This is sometimes frightening and confusing to them.

So, dear friends, the Tantra of this site, my Tantra, is a Tantra of gay male sexuality and spirituality. Why Tantra? Well because Tantra is ancient, as ancient as we are. Tantra is all about channeling energy, sexual, emotional, psychological, mental, spiritual. By channeling that energy back to ourselves and to our companions we experience a mystical state, even an intense sensation of orgasm or ecstasy. Our personal mantras, meditations, rituals, practices all are brought into focus and enhanced in our sharing with our companion. Tantra is a form of liberation in a psychospiritual sense as well as in a physical sense and enlightenment that raises our experience, our perception to a new level.

So, to sum up, if you have come this far and can agree that it’s time for change and you are willing to commit to change, positive change, let’s do it together. Let’s accept a new set of values, new truths, and become reborn beings capable of pushing our limits.
My doctrine is enjoy the silence, revel in the touch, sense the warmth, open every pore in your body to welcome your partner, trust him and surrender to him who wants you, all of you, and by surrendering and abandoning all obstacles to pure participation, you and he can become one, one divinely.

William a.k.a. Gay Karuna


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