It’s the Journey that Counts…Make it Last

Penetration and Transfiguration: Entering Your Partner’s Sacred Sanctuary.
How We Should Approach the Homoerotic Tantric Session.

Open Yourself to Infinite Horizons!

When we see the word “penetrate” we see a word that means control, a violence. Penetration is forced entry into a space; there’s nothing loving or gentle about it. It’s wrongfully associated with masculinity for no good reason. Penetration, control, violence, brutality has no place in erotic expression between two men.

As gay men, as men in general, we have to stop the stressful and unfair thinking that we have always to control something, always be rough and raw; there’s nothing “masculine” about any of that. In fact, the ideal of masculine beauty was one of proportion, evenness, smoothness, balance. Yes, I said masculine beauty. The male has always been worshipped as perfect, complete form. When we as gay men feel unfulfilled, or our self-esteem and feelings of worth are diminished by feminists, employers, even our institutions, the resulting anger causes some of us to want to dominate another man, or have to perform like an endurance Olympian we are on a slippery slope to missing any real pleasure or joy in our sex life!

“How big is your dick?” is a common Facebook question. My response is “Why? How big does it have to be?” After all, it’s not the size of the bone but how you bury it that counts. Nobody seems to know the answer to my “Why?” question. Did the asker have a particular size in mind, a particular length and girth? Like a shoe size? Rather than ask, “How big is your manhole?” I just let it go. In my articles on anal sex and prostate massage, dick size is irrelevant; unless you’re involved with a pervert who needs to have his asshole ripped and enjoys pain for some reason. I deal only in pleasure, love and joy, and leave the pain and trauma to the size queens and the pervs.

Low self-esteem, the inability to experience love and joy in sex, the need to dominate or to perform, leads some gay sex gurus to carelessly use the word “penetrate,” or worse still “active” or “passive” when referring to sex partners. Those are very poor choices to describe what should be a sharing, uniting experience for both partners. I would rather my readers start thinking of “entering your partner’s sanctuary” or “melting into your partner.” Your partner must be treated as a temple, somewhere you go to worship. You should start treating him as if he were something holy, sacred; because he is. When you touch him, touch him reverently and with tender respect just as you would a sacred vessel or a rare work of art. When you taste him taste him like sacramental wine and holy bread; savour him as you would a gourmet feast. When you enjoy his scents treat those fragrances like sweet incense, the bouquet of a fine wine, or a rare perfume. When you gaze upon him see him as light and color beneath the form of his body; enter his soul through his hungry eyes and feed it with your loving gaze. Listen to the magical music of life and his response to your presence for him by listening to his breathing, his vocalizations, his heartbeat. When you touch him and enter him allow your body and his body to feel his warmth, his wetness, his energy; surrender yourself to him. There’s ecstatic pleasure, joy, and a mystical experience if you approach him this way.

Enter His Sacred Sanctuary with Awe and Love.

When you enter your partner’s sanctuary, enter with reverence and a sense of awe, just as you would any holy place. Awe because what you are doing is in fact awesome: you are melting into another man’s body and he is wrapping his body around your lingam, your wand of life and light, you will slowly approach the mystery of oneness with him, and are transported beyond when you reach your mutual orgasms as one. You will fill him with a sacred gift, your cum, and he will devour your offering.

Prostate Massage Can Bring Your Partner to an Incredible Orgasm.

You insert you fingers and massage his prostate. With your mouth embracing and caressing his cock, you are worshipping it as a sacred object, you invite him to share with you his power to create new life, his cum. His cum, semen, when ejaculated, has to power to create new physical life. But with you he shares his power and co-creates new spiritual life. When he cums you accept his gift and swallow it because you want this food of creation, this gift of divinity to become a part of you. So you accept his holy gift, his gift of his power to create new life, and you make it a part of you. Giving and receiving thus are part of this homoerotic engagement in which you mutually give and receive, mutually enter and worship, mutually nourish and are nourished.

What are you thinking when all of this is happening? Nothing. Nothing at all. In fact, you should empty your mind and let the river of mysterious tantric energy carry you into the next moment. Unlike the planned mechanical performance competitions most men consider sex with another man, this encounter is totally unplanned once you engage your partner in the initial tantric embrace. You commit to being one and each guides the other in an unspoken language. There is nothing planned and no competition. It’s not a performance and there is no set goal. In fact, the whole practice is to delay getting to any one point; the point will come to you. It’s the journey that’s important, not the arrival. Sure, you’ll get to the destination, orgasm, and you’ll enjoy the fruits of that destination, ejaculation and receiving your partner’s cum, but you’re not thinking of that at any time during the session.

You and your partner are jointed together by the love energy that you share.

During the session you are where you are; you are in that moment an nowhere else. You are with your partner, as one, in that moment. You are in sync and you are two in unity. In fact, if you think in terms of the trinitarian notion of perichoresis or circumincession, you and your partner are actually three entities: you, your partner and the love energy that binds you. You are constantly, instantaneously changing positions: at one instant you are the giver, in another you are the receiver, and in yet another you are the energy uniting the giver and the receiver. You are constantly and fluidly exchanging places with your partner and the energy force uniting you with one another.

What happens when you experience orgasm? Most will answer, “I cum.” That’s not the answer. Orgasm is that neurospiritual breaking out when you self-forget and melt into your partner. Most men don’t experience this because they are simply using their partner to get to a certain point, a point they could just as well arrive at if they masturbated. But this homoerotic tantric interaction is by its very nature wholly and completely different.

Your Orgasms are a Cosmic Explosion.

Throughout the session you have not been thinking of yourself; you have been self-forgetful. When you are self-forgetful you are no longer the center of the universe. You are aware of yourself but in a very unique way unaware of yourself; you are mindful of the moment but not of the sequence of moments. You are mindful and aware of your partner but also unaware of him in a very special way. In other words, you and your partner are transported into a different time-space continuum; you are in a different dimension, if you prefer. Once you stop obsessing about performing and doing something and just being in the moment, you will flow in a mysterious energy flux from moment to moment in a sort of circular time, you are spiritually in a state of altered wakefulness. Transfiguring yourself in this way you are present for your partner and he for you in a totally different way. There is complete trust, no anxiety, acceptance of your vulnerability, surrender to your partner, a unique love and compassion fills you, you are aware of joy, and you become one with him. By becoming one with your partner you are no longer the old you; you and he, as one, are a new creation.

In this way you have now penetrated the barriers that society and ego constructed to prevent you from the ecstatic interaction of melting into another person, of becoming one. You have penetrated those barriers simply by becoming self-forgetful, surrendering to stillness, not “performing”, just being with another being being. The ego and society can’t deal with a being that refuses to subject himself to anxiety or comparing his performance to another’s. The ego and society can’t cope with a being that does not subject himself to the constraints imposed by society to control. The ego and society cannot control a being who exists outside the container called society and who doesn’t exist in sequential linear time but floats in circular time.

You and your partner are the vehicles that carry the very energy that will power you to oneness. You and your partner are like two alembics of mysterious potions that once mixed, create enlightenment and awareness which transfigure into Love and Joy. You and your lover are the alchemists that have found a way to change lead into gold; a way of taking a purely physical animal act, sex, and curating it into a mystical and magical transformation of two men. This is true evolution true spiritual growth. This is interaction with Love and Joy.


Sex and the Six Senses: Homoerotic Tantra and Gay Sex Ritual

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Part I

Tantra is Not Sex as You Think You Know It
(But Don’t Understand It)

I sometimes hear men, younger and more mature ones as well, talking about their earlier erotic experiences and describing them as being more “spontaneous” and “exciting.” My usual questions is, “How?” It’s not surprising that what follows is a loud silence. They simply don’t know the answer! But they do know all about the clichés, the stereotypes, the disappointments. Yes! That they know well.

Gay men talk the talk and walk the walk and are still as lonely and insecure as they were before the great liberation movements of the 1960s. Gay men still have their  shabby bars and their chic clubs. Gay men still live the stereotypes. Most gay men are either foolheartedly, self-destructively (either in mind, body or spirit or all three) “out” or closet cases paralyzed by their paranoia or their “bisexuality” (they want to be gay but don’t want to offend society). Why? Because all of the pride and freedom fought for and sacrificed for by more courageous, reality focused generations of gays has become merely external; today’s gay men are as empty as ever, they’ve freed the bird but the song remains imprisoned. Most gay men still live the stereotype and are continue to be cliché.

Agism and superficiality reign supreme

Agism and superficiality reign supreme; more pain and suffering is inflicted on gay men by gay men than the homophobes could ever dream of inflicting. Most of the pain and suffering is inflicted by the immature, confused, young, attractive gay men on the mature, experienced, older gay men by marginalizing or excluding them. The mature gay man as mentor and protector is a vision that is beyond the majority of gay men in their 20’s and 30’s; by the time they realize what they’ve lost by not having a mature lover, they’re experiencing the very same pain, suffering, marginalization they inflicted on others. We can call this gay male karma.

At least when gay men had to go out to a bar or to a club to find a partner, whether for the night or for life, they had real human contact with all the conscious and subliminal stimuli, feedback, ritual, etc. It was a real social human experience by all standards. Whether you got “lucky” and found a partner or went home alone, you still knew you had a “place,” a community, people who would likely look up, smile, wave, say “Hi!”, grope your butt, whatever. They were people, real flesh and blood people, and that made a difference.

You’ve become an addict of an agenda aimed at dehumanizing you, degrading you to a “click”

Asocial media like Facebook and online dating services simply made a bad but manageable situation worse. They replaced life with unlife; reality with virtual freedom with control. You no longer have to engage in a healthy exchange of human communication in verbal and non-verbal communication; you no longer have to take a shower and get dressed; you no longer have to be real; you no longer have to be the real you. You can lie as long as and as much as you like; you can appear as anyone you like; you can have any body you think will get the most attention. Instead of discussion, conversation, compromise, negotiating a relationship you go through a catalogue of literally thousands of so called “friend requests” and “people you might know” suggestions, perusing the lies and deceptions, picking out those that appeal to you most and with a “click” you have an online “friend.” Say the wrong thing and you get “unfriended,” “blocked,” or “deactivated.” Your existence — or your utter destruction — is but a click away. That’s what you’ve become. You’ve become an addict of an agenda aimed at dehumanizing you, degrading you to a “click,” depersonalizing you, depriving you of real human contact, making you into an object, objectifying you. And all of this happens in a universe that really doesn’t exist, and can vaporize in a second. And you wonder that you are prone to depression? You wonder that you can’t hold a conversation with a real person? Don’t you wonder that you need to check your messages every few seconds even when you are with real, flesh and blood people? Makes no sense, does it?

We are sentient, feeling creatures that are designed to stimulate and to be stimulated. We have five physical senses and some would argue that we have a number of paraphysical or superphysical senses like feelings, intuition, emotions. For simplicity sake let’s call those paraphysical or superphysical senses extrasensory perception or ESP.

We have five senses

We have five senses but, like our brain, we either use only a small part of them or we don’t use them at all. I’ve put together a brief table below listing the five (six) senses and how they work in the contexts of the “human social life” and in “online social life,” comparing the two. Please note that for the sake of brevity, I have not gone into detail but have included only the most obvious points and observations.

**You can read just the table or download it The Five Senses (Table).

In addition to the sensory and extrasensory perceptual cues, we also have social cues that we use to determine how we behave and what we should be doing in terms of social expectations (versus what we feel we want to do in terms of natural behavior).

Body language is something we are incredibly aware of but fail to understand that it can be deceptive, unnatural, objectifying without being unattractive. In fact, a very brief visit to any Facebook gay-oriented page or to an online dating service will provide more than enough proof of this fact. Just look at the models! All posed, all airbrushed, all perfectly groomed, all with a twelve pack, and every single one of them is plastic. Tanned, sculpted, revealing the predictable amount of penis or scrotum and just the right amount of pubic hair. A perfect globe of buttock. Perfectly coiffed or scruffed. And you fall for it!

Most gay porn videos look more like a cannibal feast!

Then there are the sex gurus who tell you how to have perfect masturbation experience, the best blowjob, how to give the best hand job, how to be the perfect top or bottom. And the gay porn videos that show you how “real men” have sex, that is, violent, controlling, competitive, rough, quick, and of course, objectifying. How many gay porn videos have you seen that actually showed men worshipping each other gently, tenderly, lovingly. How many gay videos have you seen that show two men devouring each other gently with kisses, tasting each other, savoring his scents, attending to his responses, etc.

Most gay porn videos look more like a cannibal feast! The kissing is hard, rough, and it looks like the next kiss is going to draw blood! Rather than being aware of the man’s body as a work of art, as temple architecture, it’s treated like a sex toy. Just watch how the active model treats the passive model’s anus before stabbing him with his penis. Of course, you aren’t experiencing anything but image and sound so you can’t possibly imagine what it must feel, smell, or taste like. So what’s the sense, I ask you?

It’s so easy to sit there and talk stupid nonsense without really having any thought process behind the words; that’s what most men’s sex is, stupid nonsense with no real process behind the performance, and then the finish…all done…next dick. Any you wonder why you’re lonely, unfulfilled, constantly looking for perfect but not making what you already have perfect. You don’t have a clue how to do that, do you? You never gave it a thought either, have you?

Social media provide a meeting place for stupid, lonely, lost, blind souls looking for something in the wrong places

Online dating sites, Facebook, porn sites all have their claim to fame in that they provide a meeting place for stupid, lonely, lost, blind souls looking for something in the wrong places. Looking for Mr. Perfect or Mr. Right and getting shallow reflections of themselves in their smartphone screens, idolizing the unattainable perfect body, becoming addicted to “digital” friends and “digital” love affairs, and then logging on the next porn site to have a solo performance of a lonely finish.

My question would have to be: Do you really think that’s the way it is? Are you that delusional? Are you that erotically ignorant? What do you think the obvious answer is?

At some point the curiosity becomes routine, the routine becomes habit, the habit becomes nature, and nature becomes reality. We lie once and it works so we lie a second time and it works; before we know it we’re liars. We lie to others and we lie to ourselves. Our lies become our reality. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Now I don’t want to get into a discussion of Why? people lie — to themselves and to others — but I will provide a diagram that might open your eyes to Why? people lie and leave it at that. It’s clear and self-explanatory and I want to get on with the real subject of this article: How we stimulate the five senses in our homoerotic tantric sessions.

Part II Continues the Discussion and Provides Guidance on the “How To” of a Session

Continue reading “Sex and the Six Senses: Homoerotic Tantra and Gay Sex Ritual”

Cosmic Complementarity in Homoerotic Tantra

Just as in the desert, the male rains shed their moisture on the dry inert earth and life emerges from the inertness. So, too, the male element sheds its moisture on the dormant, barren female element and life emerges from the barrenness. Giving and receiving requires letting go and embracing.

As males we tend to embrace dualities like male and female, active and passive roles, which are in competition. That’s clearly wrong and a sign of dysfunction, because when engaging the true self, the soul, there is no gender competition; spirit has no gender. We, as Seekers, much view these roles as being complementary, they form a complete unit rather than two separate entities.

Our ancestors, both in the East and in the West, were quite familiar with the notion of complementarity, and accepted the capability of the male to engage both the “male” and the “female” roles not as opposing principles but as complementary principles; the ancients even made this capability “holy” and honored it as a nearness to the Cosmic. Only when we lost touch with the Cosmos did the complementaries lose their authority and gave way to the dualities, the systems of suppression and control, the notions of gender differences based on anatomy, males and females. That’s when the spiritual confusion and the psychological anxieties began. Not all men are strong enough to embrace the fundamentals of homoerotic Tantra.

Homoerotic Tantra requires physical and spiritual endurance, maturity, self-awareness and self-knowledge, acceptance of vulnerability, willingness to surrender and release, self-forgetfulness, mindfulness, discipline, a love of Truth, a thirst for enlightenment. Few men can handle such challenges plus the challenge of relinquishing control over others.

Self- awareness, self-knowledge, peace, smile; so goes one of our most powerful mantras. The cosmic experience of sharing complementarily with another male, and engaging the tantric melting into the other is a powerful experience, one that will distract your gaze from all that is outside the sacred embrace shared by you and your lover, and gently but fiercely redirect your spiritual gaze inward. To achieve this is a monumental effort in our contemporary cultures because it requires the male to shatter the confining mold into which he has been forced, and to emerge transformed. Compare this to the caterpillar who spends his caterpillar life constantly feeding like caterpillars do and then when he’s had enough of the compulsory feeding and consuming, he goes into seclusion and weave himself a coccoon into which he sequesters himself to meditate and to transform; he emerges as a butterfly, no longer earthbound, full of color and freedom, the very animal spirit guide that represents maleness, the liberated soul.

Generally speaking, the masculine principle is active; the feminine principle is passive. The masculine principle is filling; the feminine principle is receiving. The masculine principle actively fills the space of the feminine principle. The masculine principle (pursuing, capturing, entering, thrusting, filling), while the feminine principle is still, receiving, is entered, filled. The masculine is like a storm: energetic, fierce, awesome; the storm finishes in a torrent of moisture filling the receiving cistern of the feminine principle with life-giving wetness.

The female receives, contains and holds the male’s moisture until it is needed. This is not duality but a complementarity. If it were not for the male principle the female would remain dry, empty, barren, lifeless. If it were not for the female the male’s energy would be spent, his life-giving moisture would be wasted, co-creation would halt.

But, as I mentioned above, these two principles are not dualities, not separate entities, but two complementary parts of one unity. In other words, in our concept of homoerotic Tantra, both partners embody and interact as both male and female principles, each expressed in turn as the melting in engagement proceeds; neither partner is in anyway in “control” or dominant in the interaction, it seems like that might be the case in the conventionally thinking mind but we are not only teaching a change in our concept of relationship but also a change in our way of thinking.

We no longer think of two men in erotic interaction as being role players, one playing the man the other the woman, an active role and a passive role. No! That is simply wrong, degrading, and deviant. Each of the male partners in homoerotic Tantra are constantly alternating from dynamic to static, giving to receiving, filling and emptying, light and dark in continuous reciprocation. How does this work? You might ask. It works because both partners are in spiritual consensus, that is, they spiritually agree to be vulnerable and to surrender to each other; they become self-forgetful in the sense that they no longer have the desire to control but simply to be. This being is a product of self-awareness and self- knowledge, which brings peace to the partners, and Truth. The partners, now that they have surrendered, can now respond purely to the rhythms and responses during the homoerotic Tantra session. Both are forgetful of themselves and the world and simply flow with one another.

The only guides and communications are the other’s responses: his breathing, his heartbeat, his body heat, his perspiration, his primal vocalizations, his sensory hungers and your nurturing responses. Just as the partners are alternating in their complementarities in the spiritual and emotional sphere, so too are the physical interactions complementary and reciprocal.

All of the senses are involved: The partners gaze upon and worship the physical manifestation of the other, the temple, the physical manifestation of the divine, and so the eyes are pleasured with the beholding of the other’s body.

Touch is elemental and closely allied with the sense of sight; touch produces a tactile image of the touched. One can close one’s eyes and simply touch and see the touched one. The touched one receives the energic impulses from his partner’s body and from the fingers, the hands, the lips, the tongue, the penis, the entire body at once, and responds with changes in his breathing, his heart rate, his body temperature, his movements, his vocalizations.

Smell is a powerfully erotic sense. During our session will fill the air with sweet, gentle, masculine aromas and fragrances. We use oils to allow our touch to be silky, smooth and erotic. The oils have the scent of lavender, bergamot, pine, cedar, and other precious essential oils. The fragrance of the male body, each of its parts having its own unique aroma and its aroma having its own unique erotic effects, acts on the perceiver.

Compare the effect of the sweet scent of your man’s neck with the powerful male musk of his underarms, to the sweet male scent of his buttocks and the savory scent of his cock and balls. Each area has a special scent and will elicit a unique erotic response from you as you savor it and its unique flavor.


Flavor a perception made possible by the primary organ of taste, the tongue. But the sense of taste works hand in hand with the sense of smell and each should be used to complement the other. Taste your lover gently behind the ears, his earlobes, his neck.

Move, breathing deeply and slowly while flicking the tongue gently over his chest, to his shoulders, armpits, his biceps, constantly inhaling his fragrances and savoring his flavors. Take his hand in yours and trace his fingers with your tongue, you exhalations cooling while your tongue provides heat.

Down his abdomen to his navel, a particularly sensation rich area to spend a few moments of mutual sensory pleasure, and then down to his pubic area. The only stimulation is with your tongue and your breath. (Ignore the penis for now; we will give it special attention later in the session.) Note how his balls retract in response to your licking and sniffing.

Now gently raise his legs so that his knees are in the air and his feet flat. Explore his perineum, the area between his scrotum and his anus, a particularly sensitive area where you can externally stimulate his prostate. Moving along this narrow passage, and your partner in this position, you can begin stimulating his anus, breathing in the sweet musky aroma it offers you.

Taking hold of one of your partner’s legs, gently leverage him onto his stomach in a smooth circular motion, never releasing contact with his body, and providing stability with your guidance. Now, on his stomach, he presents you with his buttocks and his anus, a heavenly playground for fingers, tongue and lips. His inner thighs are now begging for some attention and from there we will move back to the buttocks and the anus, for the ultimate experience of prostate massage and milking.

While gazing upon your lover, savoring his scent and tasting his flavors, you have never stopped touching him.

While the first three senses were applied, the fourth sense, touch, was constantly present, whether through the tongue or the fingers, or with entire body contact. Touch was constantly providing feedback and guidance, whether you sensed your lover’s movements, his breathing and heartbeat, or providing stimulation and pleasure.

Hearing is an important part of the erotic experience. On the one hand we provide background sounds like low, rhythmic music or chanting, which set a pace and a sacred ambience but do not distract from the melting into one another that is taking place. But our sense of hearing is very important in the erotic engagement of and response to the lover. We not only hear the smoothness of our hands moving over his oiled body, we also listen to his breathing pattern to guide us in our interaction. We listen for his wordless vocalizations and know when he is getting lost in the experience. We place our ear to his chest and listen to the music of his heartbeat, he is living Love.

Time and space has no meaning in this sacred encounter with the other. Ego and performance, competition and control have no place in this safe and sacred space. There are only two in this microcosmos: you and your lover. Nothing else exists.

You and he are Lord Shiva and Diva Shakti, divine complements, existing only as complements of singularity, of union. Shiva in his trinity of manifestations as creator, preserver, and destroyer, with his lingam (“shaft of light”) and his trishula (trident) representing the three gunas (attributes): sattva (goodness, constructive, harmonious), rajas (passion, active, confused), and tamas (darkness, destructive, chaotic), and his Shakti, Parvati, his complementary consort, who is inseparable from her masculine principle, the tantric Shiva. Parvati (Shakti) is the universal symbol of the power and recreativity of Lord Shiva; she is the subduer of demons and the guardian of harmony. Parvati (Shakti) is a female principle who has no beginning and no end; it is alternating between motion and rest, during which order is re-established. Parvati (Shakti) is also the source of a bond that connects all beings and a means of their spiritual release. Her symbol is the yoni, the place of silence, of gestation. The union of the yoni and lingam represents the eternal process of creation and regeneration, the union of male and female principles, and all existence.

Cosmic complementarity in masculine and feminine principles, principles of love, passion, activity, darkness, light, harmony and balance, is key to our homoerotic tantric practice.

Are you mature enough to accept the challenge? Are you willing to trust your lover enough to be vulnerable? To surrender? If you are such a Seeker? If so join us at Homoerotic Tantra here on Facebook. Join us and follow us on the Homoerotic Tantra blog on WordPress. Emerge as the liberated male spirit!

Om Kroom Lingaya Om
William a.k.a. “Gay Karuna

Gallery 1: Introducing Me in Images

 I’ve put together a slideshow that goes with my Relationship Résumé and the general topic of the Homoerotic Tantra blog.

Not all of the pictures are of me personally, but all of the pictures are accurate representations of me. It’s just that I don’t feel I have to reinvent the wheel to get my points across to my readers.

Coming up next: My next post will feature the five senses: sight, hearing,  taste, smell, and, most importantly, touch in our erotic sharing. I’ll post the link [here] when I’ve published it.

Well, that’s enough talking. Just enjoy the show and leave a comment, follow this blog, or contact me directly.

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William a.k.a. Gay Karuna Guy


Cum More & Stay Healthy

My whole philosophy about relationships and intimacy may fall through the cracks after you read this but please don’t think that I’ve changed my mind about anything having to do how we can manage spirituality in our most intimate moments, using that sexual spirituality to increase our ecstasy when sharing with a lover.

Normally, I would say hold off on ejaculating for as long as possible, practicing cum control (I’ll be writing about that soon) until the very end and then exploding, while experiencing multiple orgasm-like moments throughout the session. Male orgasm is not cumming; cumming is ejaculating, shooting your cum load. Orgasm is that transcendent experience you have just before cumming and it’s that transcendence that I like to extend, expand and repeat during a love-making session.

In a recent scientific article, however, Harvard Medical School publishes research findings that support the idea that male sexual health is enhanced by ejaculating more often than most men tend to think. This Harvard study is good news for sexually active men.

According to the study:

The scientists found no evidence that frequent ejaculations mark an increased risk of prostate cancer. In fact, the reverse was true: High ejaculation frequency was linked to a decreased risk. Compared to men who reported 4–7 ejaculations per month across their lifetimes, men who ejaculated 21 or more times a month enjoyed a 31% lower risk of prostate cancer. And the results held up to rigorous statistical evaluation even after other lifestyle factors and the frequency of PSA testing were taken into account.

According to a Study, cumming can have a positive impact on prostate health!

The studies from the United States and Australia do little to answer these critical questions — but they do open a new avenue for research. Since both report that a high frequency of ejaculation early in adulthood has the greatest impact on the risk of prostate cancer decades later, they call attention to the role of events early in life, when the prostate is developing and maturing. Sexual activity in adolescence may be a predictor of risk in adulthood.

The researchers found that the risk of prostate cancer in men aged between 20 and 29 and 40 and 49 was significantly reduced if they ejaculated at least 21 times a month, whether through sex or masturbation. This was compared with men who ejaculated just four-to-seven times a month.

In a 2016 Medscape article, Study: Ejaculate More, Have Less Prostate Cancer Risk, the findings are confirmed and updated, concluding: “Safe sexual activity could be good for prostate health.”

That theory might have parallels in folk wisdom. When these results were reported last year, a Medscape reader commented that the results make common sense, and urged his fellow male readers to “keep the pipes clean boys!”

The researchers offer a number of hypotheses why ejaculation may help reduce prostate cancer risk, such as reducing stress or keeping cell metabolism well regulated. But these suggestions remain in the realm of speculation. Despite any lurid tales you may have heard growing up, masturbation is entirely safe. So if you want to do it as a preventative method then it wouldn’t pose any health risks.

Now, this information should not be interpreted to mean that we should all run out and become promiscuous sluts or chronic wankers, or that risky sexual behavior is acceptable. What it does mean is that safe and considerate sexual activity is healthy and keeps us healthy.

This does not contradict the importance of prolonging the ejaculation by cum control or so-called edging. I feel that the sexual experience is not just about cumming or cumming together but about entering the spirit of one’s partner and transcending the mere physical experience of cumming.

I’ll be writing more about cum control or “edging” in a new article and tell you how to practice it. For now, boys, cum more and stay healthy!

Keep in Touch,